Belly dance can bring passion into your life! As you take your Belly dance classes, you get to move your body and your energy in ways that your normal day to day life may not allow for. Your body pulses to the rhythms and flows to the music as your mind relaxes and your spirit awakens. As you shake away your limits, your passion can emerge and take flight!
Hire a Dancer
Make any event unforgettable and special by hiring a graceful Belly Dancer. Your event can be customised to suit your Belly Dancing needs and can include performance and/or audience participation. Fees depend on the number of belly dancers required and the length of time of the performance.
We Offer:
  • Classes
  • Workshops
  • Teambuilding
  • Ladies Lunches
  • Corporate Functions
  • Private Functions
  • Bachelorettes
  • Weddings sidebar ends
Desert Jewels Belly Dance Company offer a wide range of performances with a variety of props including:
• Fire • Veil • Sagat • Cane • Isis • Wings • Fans • Sword

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